Why Start Dogpetsmart

Hello Guys, I am Larry, the founder of dogpetsmart.com.I am also the owner of “Windy” which is 5 years old Germany Shepherd and Lucy(Passed away last year)

I deeply believe that dogs are our closest friends and family members, these smart cute can understand our humans. They can bring us a lot of happy memories in our life.

We all know the truth the dogs will not go along with us for the whole life, I had my last doggie called “Lucy” passed away last year at her age of 11 years old.

When Lucy passed away, my sister cried her a river, I know some kind of you guys had the same feelings of sadness, upset, me too.

When Lucy came to our home at the age of 3 months, my sister was just only 7 years old, I just started in my high school. My sister spent the majority of her time with Lucy, I know she had much more emotions to Lucy, it was like we lost one of our families when she gone.

last year, my sister advised me to start up a dog related company.

“What a great idea!”, That was my first reaction to her advice.

We all love dogs so much, we want to help improve the dog’s life as much as possible.

That is the reason we started our business, as the dog owner, we are in the hope of making dogs live better. No matter for the adopted dogs or the wandering dogs, no matter for the healthy dogs.

We promise that we donate 1% of our total income to the dog rescue center to help more dogs live better.

Do you want to join us? Quite easy, when you placed an order on our store, you are in.

Thanks in advance


Founder of dogpetsmart.com