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The HiHydro Brand Rear Support Dog Wheelchair Is Specially Designed For The Small Dogs Weight 9-22 Pounds Such As Dachshund, Chihuahua etc.

This Wheelchair Is Very Easy To Adjust The Width And Height To Fit For Your Handicapped Dogs.

The Whole Frame Is Made Of Light Weight Aluminum Alloy Which Makes Your Dog Comfortable When Put On It.

Why Start Up

All of our staffs are dog owners, we understand how important these adorable puppies to our lives.

We see these cute furry as our closest family members, they had brought too many happy moments and memory to us.

We love doggies, just like anyone of you who is visiting our store at the moment.

Dogs In Wheelchair Project

Just like what we constantly mentioned. We see dogs as our best friends and family members, we considered doing something valuable to rescue these poor lonely dogs.

We created a Facebook group named “Dogs In Wheelchair Project”, You can join this group to share the stories of your handicapped dogs. Aside from that, we will occasionally donate wheelchairs to the dogs in need.

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